A Voyage Round the World, In the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV. - George Anson, Richard Walter

1748 - Printed for the Author, London - First Edition
A finely bound ‘Royal Paper’ copy of this beautifully illustrated work which ‘has long occupied a distinguished position as a masterpiece of descriptive travel’ (Hill), and ‘a model of what such literature should be’ (Cox).

Containing forty-two copper-engraved maps, charts, views, and coastal profiles, all but one folding, including views of Brazilian harbours and cities, Acapulco, Tenian, Port St. Julian, Magellan’s Straits, the Bay of Manila, Saipan, Lama, Lantau, Chinese junks, and others, and large folding maps of South America, the Philippines, and the Pacific Ocean, as well as a twelve-page subscriber list, and the two-page instructions to the binder.

England, at war with Spain in 1739, equipped eight ships under the command of George Anson to harass the Spaniards on the western coast of South America for the purpose of cutting off Spanish supplies of wealth from the Pacific area. Seven ships were lost and of 900 men 600 perished. As usual, scurvy took an appalling toll.

The Spanish fleet sent to oppose the British ran into storms; provisions ran out and many ships were wrecked. Thus the primary objective of the expedition was not attained. Anson, however, continued taking prizes off the Pacific coast during 1741-42, and in June 1743, near the Philippines, he captured the Spanish galleon
Nostra Seigniora de Cabadonga and its treasure of £400,000 sterling, which allowed Anson and the surviving members of his crew to reach England much the richer. 
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Brazil and the Brazilians, Portrayed in Historical and Descriptive Sketches - Rev. D. P. Kidder, Rev. J. C. Fletcher

1857 - Childs & Peterson, Philadelphia - First Edition
A finely bound first edition of this classic early work on Brazil, which combined Kidder’s earlier more academic work with Fletcher’s anecdotal style.

Illustrated throughout with 150 wonderful engravings and maps of the area, and a frontispiece engraving of Dom Pedro II (Emperor of Brazil), and two hand-coloured plates. A delightful work in excellent condition.
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Ninety-Two Days - Evelyn Waugh

1934 - Duckworth, London - First Edition
An elegantly bound first edition of Evelyn Waugh's third travel book, marvellously describing his journey beginning in Georgetown British Guiana and winding south through jungle and across savannah to the Brazilian frontier, form 1932 to 1933. Illustrated with a folding map and twenty-four black and white photographic plates.

‘“But why British Guiana?” I was at difficulties to finad an answer, except that I was going
because I knew so little; and also because it has always attracted me on the map.’ 
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