The Innkeeper's and Butler's Guide, or, A Directory for Making and Managing British Wines; with Directions for the Managing, Coloring and Flavoring of Foreign Wines and Spirits, and, for making British Compounds, Peppermint, Aniseed, Shrub, &c. - J. Davies 1811 - Davies and Booth, Leeds - Fourteenth Edition Revised and Corrected In his preface to the first edition (dated Liverpool, July 11th, 1805), Davies says he had no doubt of the utility of this book “as I have long known the inconveniences many have laboured under, both Private Families and Publicans, for want of just information on the subject. Whole Pipes of Wine have turned sour for want of a proper method in managing them ... I flatter myself I may, without the imputation of vanity, say, I know as much on this subject as any man in the kingdom ...” - Davies was certainly correct in his assessment of the need for this book. This is a nice clean well-cellared fourteenth edition of what became a British wine-making classic that saw many, many editions. More Details

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