Wind, Sand and Stars - SIGNED - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 1939 - Reynal & Hitchcock, New York - First Edition in English Number 434 of a limited 500 copies signed by Saint-Exupéry. In publisher’s half leather and housed in the original slipcase.

Illustrated by John O'H. Cosgrave II, translated from the French by Lewis Galantiere,
Wind, Sand and Stars describes episodes from Saint-Exupéry’s years flying treacherous mail routes across the Sahara and the Andes. The central incident details the 1935 plane crash he survived in the Libyan Sahara Desert, between Benghazi and Cairo. Saint-Exupéry, and his navigator Andre Prevot, are left almost without water and food, as chances of finding an oasis or help from the air gradually decrease. The book illustrates the author's view of the world and his opinions of what makes life worth living.
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