The Silken East, A Record of Life and Travel in Burma - V.C. Scott O'Connor 1904 - Hutchinson & Co., London - First Edition A superb set of this detailed and magnificently presented set, accompanied by four hundred illustrations, twenty of are in colour from sixteen paintings by James Raeburn Middleton, four by Mrs. Otway Wheeler Cuffe, and one by the Burmese court artist, Saya Chone, the remainder of the black and white illustrations are mostly photographic, many taken by Felice Beato, considered one of the first war photographers and well known for his work in Burma where he had his own studio.

O'Connor ‘held various government appointments in Burma during the 1890s, following the British annexation of Thibaw's kingdom. This was a period of rapid change and O'Connor was fortunate in being able to journey widely and record much that is now lost. In the book he describes life and travel on rivers such as the Chindwin, Irrawaddy and Salween, sketching the towns and peoples he encountered along the way. He also explored the remote southern coastline of Mergui, and parts of the Shan and Palaung Hills.’ (
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