The Fly-Fisher's Entomology - Alfred Ronalds 1844 - Longmans, London - Third Edition A superb example of Ronalds' ground breaking work on fly -fishing with twenty delicately engraved, hand-coloured plates.

‘Alfred Ronalds is one of the principal milestones in the entire history of fly fishing; with his Entomology, the rational basis of the scientific method had reached angling in full flower. The graphic work is beautifully executed, and the copper plate lithography remains equal to most modern printing technology.’ -

‘A serious and in many ways startlingly modern study of trout and grayling, their senses of hearing, sight, taste and smell, and the insect life in and around the river. It describes some 50 artificial flies each tied to represent a different natural, and presents 20 plates displaying around a hundred delicately hand-coloured illustrations of insects and their imitations. Many editions have appeared over the subsequent 160 years. Though only the earliest are hand-coloured.’ -
Mick Hall - The Flyfishers Annual
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