North to the Orient - Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1935 - Harcourt, New York - First Edition ‘To go to the orient is not a new venture. The idea must have originated soon after the discovery of America. That great “island” lying across the route foiled the schemes of early explorers who wanted to “saile by the West into the East”.’

When Anne Morrow married courageous, solo adventurer and aviator Charles Lindbergh in 1929, her life was destined never to be the same. Her flying education began soon after her wedding, and in 1930, thanks to the expert guidance of her husband, and her own ingenuity, Anne became the first woman to earn an American glider pilot’s license. Along with her skills as an aeronaut, she also became an accomplished navigator and radio operator.

Then, in 1931, Anne accompanied Charles as his co-pilot on a research flight, the purpose of which was to determine the most economical commercial air routes from New York to Tokyo. They departed the US in their Lockheed Sirius, a single 600 horsepower engine, which had been fitted with pontoons so they could land on water, and flew a previously uncharted route across Canada and Alaska to Japan and China.
‘North to the Orient’, a bestseller when it first appeared in 1935, chronicles this incredible journey.
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