The Eight Principal Rasas of the Hindus - with - The Ten Principal Avatáras - Sourindro Mohun Tagore 1880 - I. C. Bose & Co. for the Author, Calcutta - First and Only Editions Presentation copies, bound for the author, signed and with extensive dedication from Tagore to His Excellence, Count zu Münster (1820-1902), the Imperial German Ambassador at London.

A rare set of Tagore’s uncommon and important works on the history of Indian musical performances,
Eight Principal Rasas – describing the eight principal sentiments of Indian musical theatre – together with Ten Principal Avatáras – describing the ten incarnations of Vishnu on earth. With musical scores and annotations in Sanskrit and European notation.

Both volumes beautifully illustrated –
Eight Principal Rasas with nine full-page lithographs and Ten Principal Avatáras with twelve full-page lithographs – featuring scenes from tableaux vivants, invented by the author and performed in his house.
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Price: HK$ 20,000