The Epicurean - Charles Ranhofer 1894 - Charles Ranhofer, New York - First Edition Inscribed by Ranhofer to Monsieur Louis Bouchard as a ‘Souvenir de bonne amitié’.

Rare, majestic, and fine copy of ‘one of the most important books in modern cooking - a treasure trove of culinary information and a fascinating look at elite restaurant cooking from the Civil War to the turn of the last century.’ [Los Angeles Times 2005].

‘The turn-of-the-century Delmonico's chef spills everything he knows about cooking. Ranhofer's work was unprecedented - and was considered high treason by his peers at the time. A fascinating and imposing tome and an important piece of culinary history.’ - Anthony Bourdain.

Delmonico’s was one of the famous restaurant in New York in the 19th century; his clients included the Grand Duke Alexis of Russia, Charles-Louis Napoleon, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, amongst many others. Ranhofer himself ‘was the greatest cook America ever knew, "one who moved among the great chefs of France as peer and equal"’. [O’Connell. Thomas 86].

This massive volume contains over 3,500 recipes, illustrated throughout with more than 800 plates from woodcuts, accompanied by hundreds of menus, a history of table settings and instructions for American, French and Russian service.
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Price: HK$ 30,000