The Commentaries of Caesar, Translated into English. To which is prefixed a Discourse Concerning the Roman Art of War - Caius Julius Caesar, William Duncan

1753 - J. &, London - First Edition
The magnificent folio edition of Cæsar's Commentaries, translated and with preliminary matter by William Duncan, with a superb array of 86 copper-engraved plates including six maps, most double-page.

These include the scarce fold-out "Bull" plate (
The Ursus or Buffalo) and The Battle with Elephants. Together with numerous finely engraved battle plans, depictions of the various peoples conquered by Cæsar (Picts, Druids, Gauls, Germans, etc.), maps of the regions occupied, etc.

This is thought by many as the finest edition of Caesar's commentaries in English.
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Through Bosnia and Herzeg - Arthur J. Evans

1876 - Longmans, London - First Edition
A superior example of the first edition, illustrated throughout with over 50 in-text engravings, 4 full page plates, and a folding map outlined in colour.

Remembered chiefly for his archaeological discoveries in Crete, Sir Arthur John Evans (1851-1941) was also highly respected as an expert on the Balkans, an area then little known. Evans describes 'a land and people among the most interesting in Europe', and in 1875 he was visiting for the third time. This trip found him witnessing the outbreak of the revolt that saw Austria-Hungary take control of Bosnia. Here, however, Evans explores Bosnia's rich heritage with detailed ethnographic and anthropological observations, alongside descriptive impressions of its people and natural beauty. This work offers background not only to the revolt in that country, but also to the later deadly conflicts that would shake all of Europe. [C.U.P.]
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Maus. A Survivor's Tale / RAW Magazine - Signed - Art Spiegelman

1980-86 - Raw Magazine, New York - First Editions
The true first appearance in print in RAW magazine of Art Spiegelman’s groundbreaking and Pulitzer winning ‘Maus. A Survivor's Tale’, the first chapter inserted into issue two is signed and dated by Spiegelman. Housed in two bespoke black cloth clamshell cases with red morocco labels lettered and ruled in gilt.

American cartoonist Art Spiegelman’s graphic retelling of his parents’ experience as Jews in Hitler’s Europe as well as an exploration of his own relationship with his father and his experience as the son of a survivor.

Maus won the cartoonist a Pulitzer Prize in 1992 – the first time the award had been given to a graphic novel, which was initially serialised as a little insert in RAW Magazine as presented here. Spiegelman depicted the Nazis as cats and the Jews as mice and was considered “the most affecting and successful narrative ever done about the Holocaust” by the Wall Street Journal.

Consisting of seven large folio issues of
RAW Magazine, 1980-1986, containing the first edition, first appearance of the first seven chapters, in seven issues (volume 1, nos. 2-8) of RAW magazine (Maus is produced as a separate small publication tipped into RAW, as issued (volume 1, no. 1 of RAW is not present as it did not contain Maus).

Together with: Three thick quarto issues of
RAW Magazine, 1989-1991, containing chapters eight, nine, and ten of Maus, in three issues (volume 2, nos. 1-3), volume 2 issue 4, which presumably would have the last chapter of Maus, was never published. 
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