1711 to Circa 1745 - Walsh, London - Opus 5 - First English Edition, Opuses 1-4 &
A complete set of the great Arcangelo Corelli’s works, Opuses 1-6, including ‘La Folia’. Opuses 1-5 finely bound in five later tan calf volumes, Opus 6 in seven 18th century volumes. Total twelve volumes.

Arcangelo Corelli da Fusignano (1653–1713) was one of the most sought-after violin teachers in Italy and his pupils included Castrucci, Gasparini, Geminiani, Bonporti and Locatelli. ‘Despite the modest size of his output, comprising six collections of instrumental music and a handful of other authentic works, and its virtual restriction to three genres – solo sonata, trio sonata and concerto – Corelli exercised an unparalleled influence during his lifetime and for a long time afterwards. This influence, which affected form, style and instrumental technique in equal measure, was most closely felt in Italy, and in particular in Rome, where he settled in early manhood, but soon spread beyond local and national confines to become a European phenomenon. As a violinist, teacher of the violin and director of instrumental ensembles Corelli imposed standards of discipline that were unusually strict for their period and helped to lay the groundwork for further progress along the same lines during the 18th century. To Corelli belong equally the distinctions of being the first composer to derive his fame exclusively from instrumental composition, the first to owe his reputation in large part to the activity of music publishers, and the first to produce 'classic' instrumental works which were admired and studied long after their idiom became outmoded.’ – Michael Talbot, Grove (online). 
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Musical Instruments: Historic, Rare and Unique - A. J. Hipkins, William Gibb (illustrator)

1921 - A. and C. Black, London - Second Edition
A large and elegantly bound example of this classic and fascinating work on rare musical instruments from around the world by the great Alfred James Hipkins.

Magnificently illustrated throughout with forty-eight colour plates from drawings by William Gibb (1839–1929), as well as in-text black and white illustrations.

The author, eminent English musician, musicologist and musical antiquary Alfred James Hipkins (1826-1903) worked at the piano firm of Broadbent for the whole of his career. not only did he tune Chopin’s piano when he was in England, but gained a reputation for his performances of Chopin's music. Hopkins gave recitals on his firm's pianos at the 1851 Great Exhibition and became the unrivalled authority on keyboard instruments. ‘
Musical Instruments’ is considered his most important publication. 
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1910 - William Heinemann, London - Edition de luxes, each one limited to 1, 150 copies signed by Rackham
A magnificent set of Rackham's dramatic interpretation of Wagner's libretti, in the large deluxe vellum bindings, each one numbered and signed by Rackham.

Wagner’s ‘Trilogy, with a Prelude’, his libretti for
The Ring of Niblung cycle, stunningly illustrated by Arthur Rackham, featuring sixty-four beautiful tipped-in colour plates each with descriptive tissue guards, and twenty-three black and white drawings across two volumes.

Translated from the German into English by Margaret Armour.
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