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Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates. Edited, with a Preface and Some Account of the Arabs and Their Horses by W. S. B. - Lady Anne Blunt, Wilfred Scawen Blunt

1879 - Harper &, New York - First American Edition
‘Fortunately we are too old travellers to be easily impressed by tales of lions and robbers, even supported, as they were in this instance, by the authority of special correspondents of The Times.’

First American edition of Lady Anne Blunt’s intrepid excursion to the Euphrates, Nejd and the Nafud desert. Based primarily on her journals and letters, and edited by her husband, this is a testament to the beauty and culture found in the heart of Central Arabia, accompanied with a folding colour map, a folding chart of Arabian thoroughbreds, and twelve engraved illustrations from Lady Blunt’s own sketches.

‘To find out how the Bedouin lived, Lady Anne lived like one herself: she became a temporary nomad, riding the two thousand miles from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf for the most part in Arab dress, and without guides or the usual caravan. This was quite an innovation, and prompted Blunt to dub his wife ‘the first bona-fide tourist who has taken the Euphrates road'. - Jane Robinson,
Wayward Women. 
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Atlas, Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens - Elijah H. Burritt

1835 - F. J. Huntington and Co., New York - New Edition
A large early 19th century decorative celestial atlas containing stunning hand-coloured engraved plates (1 double page and 7 full page), and a two page black and white plate engraved plate ‘Exhibiting the Relative Magnitudes, Distances and Positions of the Different Bodies which Compose the Solar System’.

Scarce, especially in this condition. First published in 1833, this ‘New edition’ is actually a thoroughly revised edition with newly engraved maps by W. G. Evans.
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The Morals of Confucius - Confucius

Circa 1760-80 - Printed for Randal Taylor, London - First Thus
A rare later 18th century reprint of this work and the first to include the folding frontispiece engraving of Confucius (often missing). First published in 1691 and scarce in any early edition, more so this edition with the engraving. In contemporary binding, and with decorations to title page, six headpieces, and three tailpieces.

Beginning with a ‘
Preface’ introducing this translation and its sources, followed by ‘Part First’ titled ‘Of the Antiquity and Philosophy of the Chinese’, then ‘Part II’ which offers selected translations from the three books, and ends with 80 ‘Maxims’.

‘The great Chinese teacher Confucius (551 BC–479 BC) articulated a philosophy based on the concepts of ren (‘benevolence’ or ‘compassion’) and li (‘ritual’ or ‘propriety’). He hoped to create the ideal, superior man (junzi) and thereby facilitate a just society.

Confucius’s teachings were highly influential across China and large areas of east Asia for almost two millennia before this 1691 work offered English readers their first introduction to his philosophical approach. It provides an account of Confucius’s life and times, as well as 80 of his maxims.
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The Complete Herbal - Nicholas Culpeper

1850 - Thomas Kelley, London - New Edition
A large and finely bound edition of Culpeper’s ‘herbal’, quite possibly the most popular work of its kind ever published, and still the most complete and definitive herbal available today. It was first published in 1652 without illustrations, this edition contains 180 delicate hand-coloured illustrations and an engraved frontispiece portrait of Culpeper with his house, tp the rear is an index of plants and an index of illnesses.

Nicholas Culpeper [1616-54] was an English botanist, herbalist, physician, and astrologer. He spent the greater part of his life in the English outdoors cataloguing hundreds of medicinal herbs.
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Master Humphrey s Clock - Charles Dickens

April 4th 1840 to November 1841 - Chapman and Hall, London - First Edition in 20 monthly parts
A complete set of the 20 monthly parts, all in original wrappers, and housed in two custom cases. Comprising of first editions of ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ and ‘Barnaby Rudge’.

Illustrated with 198 engravings, including two frontispieces, 130 illustrations, and twenty-five decorative initials by H. K. Browne ("Phiz"); one frontispiece and thirty-eight illustrations by George Cattermole; one illustration by Samuel Williams; and one illustration by Daniel Maclise. The illustrations were engraved on wood by E. Landells, C. Gray, S. Williams, and Vasey.

Narrator Master Humphrey was a lonely man who lived in London. He keeps old manuscripts in an antique grandfather clock by the chimney-corner, and decides to start a little club, called Master Humphrey's Clock, where the members, including Mr. Pickwick himself, have a penchant for telling stories. In the book, several short tales are recounted, followed by the novels ‘
The Old Curiosity Shop’, which narrates the life of the beautiful and virtuous Little Nell and her Grandfather, and ‘Barnaby Rudge’. 
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Four Quartets - T. S. Eliot

1996 - The Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge - Limited Edition
A fine large private press presentation of what Eliot himself considered to be his finest work. Designed and printed by Sebastian Carter, who has inscribed and dated this particular copy to the authors Jill Paton Walsh, Baroness Hemingford and her husband John Rowe Townsend.

Number 32 of 200 large folios from the Rampant Lions Press in Cambridge, England. Elegantly hand-bound and printed on handmade paper, and in fine matching slipcase.

Four Quartets’ is a rich composition that expands the spiritual vision introduced in ’The Waste Land’. First published individually from 1936 to 1942.

Here, in four linked poems (’
Burnt Norton’, ‘East Coker’, ‘The Dry Salvages’, and ‘Little Gidding’), spiritual, philosophical, and personal themes emerge through symbolic allusions and literary and religious references from both Eastern and Western thought.

Four Quartets’ is the culminating achievement by a man many feel to be the greatest poet of the twentieth century and one of the seminal figures in the evolution of modernism. 
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Through Bosnia and Herzeg - Arthur J. Evans

1876 - Longmans, London - First Edition
A superior example of the first edition, illustrated throughout with over 50 in-text engravings, 4 full page plates, and a folding map outlined in colour.

Remembered chiefly for his archaeological discoveries in Crete, Sir Arthur John Evans (1851-1941) was also highly respected as an expert on the Balkans, an area then little known. Evans describes 'a land and people among the most interesting in Europe', and in 1875 he was visiting for the third time. This trip found him witnessing the outbreak of the revolt that saw Austria-Hungary take control of Bosnia. Here, however, Evans explores Bosnia's rich heritage with detailed ethnographic and anthropological observations, alongside descriptive impressions of its people and natural beauty. This work offers background not only to the revolt in that country, but also to the later deadly conflicts that would shake all of Europe. [C.U.P.]
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La Region de Sauternes et les Vins Blancs des Cantons de Podensac et Langon - Edouard Feret

1908 - Feret et Fils, Bordeaux - First Edition Thus
A finely bound work on Sauternes, with text in French.

Profusely illustrated with two folding coloured maps and 38 views of the châteaux. The first single edition of 1908, which was also compiled as part of the larger eighth edition of ‘Bordeaux et ses Vins’.
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