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British Malaya (The Magazine of the Association of British Malaya) -

1926-1940 - Newton &, London - Only editions
A rare fourteen volume collection of the monthly magazine of the Association of British Malaya, beginning with the first publication of the magazine in May 1926, and ending with April 1940. Japan began its invasion of Malaysia in December of 1941, and Singapore surrendered in February of 1942. Bound in annual groupings by the Caxton Press in Kuala Lumpur.

The Association of British Malaya was founded in 1920, replacing the Straits Settlements Association which had existed since 1868. In the light of changing circumstances it became the British Association of Malaya (1956), the British Association of Malaysia (1963) resulting in a change of the magazine to ‘
Malaysia’ and finally British Association of Malaysia and Singapore (1965), which ceased to existence on 30 June 1973. The association's monthly magazine, which started in 1926, had its final issue in May 1973.

Over 4,500 pages providing an unparalleled coverage of social, business, and international issues relating to Malaysia and Singapore between the wars, profusely illustrated with photographs and to a lesser extent advertisements.
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Port Arthur. A Descriptive and Historical Sketch. -

1915 - Japan Tourism Board, Dairen Branch - First Edition
With a colour folding map of Port Arthur to the rear (46x49cm).

A rare booklet, forty two pages, illustrated throughout, with a strong war-related tourism focus on the historic Russo-Japanese conflicts of 1894 and 1904, and the heroic efforts of the Japanese Army in this far northern Chinese port located near to Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Published by the Japan Tourist Bureau, the predecessor of the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB).
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The Curiosities of Ale & Beer: An Entertaining History - John Bickerdyke, John Greville Fennell, J. M. Dixon

1889 - Field &, London - First Edition
A history of ale and beer brewing from 2000 BC to the 1880's. Ballads and songs on beer, porter and stouts, served at large feasts at inns and taverns. Early anecdotes and poems, with sections on the medicinal uses of ale and hops. Illustrated with over 50 ‘quaint woodcuts’ and woodcut initials taken mostly from rare old titles.

Since the dawn of our history Barley-wine has been the “naturall drinke” for an “Englysshe man,” and has had no unimportant influence on English life and manners. It is, therefore, somewhat curious that up to the present, among the thousands of books published annually, no comprehensive work on the antiquities of ale and beer has found place.’

A finely bound first edition of BIckerdyke’s ‘evocative 19th century masterpiece’ [
Craft Beer & Brewing], a project begun by his friend, fellow angling author and lover of ale, John Greville Fennell, who due to failing health asked Cook to continue and finish the work. 
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Hundred Altars - Juliet Bredon

1936 - Kelly and Walsh, Shanghai - Special Far Eastern Edition.
Unusually for Bredon’s works this was first published in London 1934, and later presented here as the Special Far Eastern Edition. published in Shanghai, and with the scarce dust and delicate Kelly and Walsh dust jacket. Normally the first editions of Bredon were published by Kelly and Walsh.

Hundred Altars is the name of a village in Northern China, an impressive first novel by Juliet Bredon, long term expatriate and author of several detailed historical and descriptive works on China. Penetrates the soul of that vast country, revealing its people, its customs, its struggles as they have seldom if ever been revealed before. The soul of a nation lies in the hearts of its peasantry, and it is of the peasantry that this novel so unforgettably deals. We see them here in the strange humility, with those traits of character so curious in our eyes, these men and women and children of the village of Hundred Altars; they live before us so vividly that the story becomes one of intense personal importance to the reader.’ - publishers description. 
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The Moon Year. A Record of Chinese Customs and Festivals - Juliet Bredon, Igor Mitrophanow

1927 - Kelly &, Shanghai - First Edition
A fine first edition in the rare dust jacket. This excellent work covers the Chinese calendar, the hundred Gods, Imperial ceremonies, with reference to the pull-out chart of the Chinese Moon year, illustrated with thirty eight black and white images and two colour plates, mostly from photographs of people and places in and around Peking.

The following
Moon festivals are included: Bitter Moon, Holiday Moon, Budding Moon, Sleepy Moon, Peony Moon, Dragon Moon, Lotus Moon, Moon of Hungry Ghosts, Harvest moon, Chrysanthemum Moon, Kindly Moon, and White Moon. 
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The Thirty-Nine [39] Steps - John Buchan

1915 - William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London - First Edition
Penned in the early months of the First World War, while Buchan was writing for the War Propaganda Bureau and as a correspondent for The Times in France. Described as ‘the perfect thriller’, The Thirty-Nine Steps introduced the world to spy-catcher Richard Hannay, who was based on a friend of Buchan’s from his days serving in South Africa - Edmund Ironside.

The Thirty-Nine Steps clearly struck deep chords with the reading public of a Europe riven by war, because it sold twenty-five thousand copies in less time than it takes to fill a pipe whilst on the run across the Scottish highlands pursued by dastardly agents of a foreign power. Richard Hannay was, quite simply, everything that Britons should be and a personification at the time of everything they very much needed to be.

Buchan's adventurer was one of the fore-runners to James Bond; Ian Fleming "was certainly influenced by no-nonsense British fictional characters such as Richard Hannay" [Gilbert].
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A Day in Canton - Inscribed - Seddie L. Burkholder

1907 - By the AuthorFirst Edition
Inscribed with a large flourish from the author to a Mrs Wright.

Rare first and only edition of this little travelogue, self published by Burkholder who was a long time Asia resident, later spending at least 22 years in Manila (see ‘A Day In Manila’). Illustrated with a diagram of the ‘Cycle of Cathay’, three full page and eleven in-text black and white illustrations from photographs.
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Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - with - Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There - Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson]

1867 - Macmillan and Co., London - Third Edition (a year after the First Edition)
“Whilst Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were intended for children “fresh from God’s hand”, it is equally enthralling and delightfully magical for adults as they follow Alice on her vibrant adventures escorted by her famous companions. Who can possibly not have been carried away into the fantastically crazy world of the Mad Hatter? Or never have heard of Tweedledee and Tweedledum? Who cannot have been struck by Carroll’s love for sophisticated play with words?.” - Stephanie Chan.

A finely bound pair, in which Tenniel’s illustrations, 42 in
Wonderland and 50 in Looking-Glass, perfectly capture Alice’s upside-down world and are considered to be his finest and most enduring achievement. 
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