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The Compleat Gentleman - Henry Peacham, Thomas Blount

1661 - Printed by E. Tyler, London - Third impression "
A superior example of one of the most important of all English courtesy books, with additional copper-engraved title page, 85 woodcut illustrations and ornamental headpieces.

The work for which Peacham (1576?-1643) will always be remembered. It was written for William Howard, Lord Arundel's youngest son, a boy of eight, to whom it is dedicated. The lad had not been Peacham's pupil; but they had met at Norwich, while the boy was a pupil of the bishop there. The book was suggested to him by M. de Ligny of Artois, who called Peacham's attention to the defective equipment of English youths in the matter of accomplishments. It is an interesting endeavour to encourage young men to devote themselves at once to the arts and athletic exercises.

A valuable survey is incidentally given of contemporary English efforts in science, art, and literature. A second impression, ‘much inlarged,’ appeared in 1626, and again in 1627, with an attractive chapter on fishing among other additions. This third edition of 1661, contained additional notes on blazonry by Thomas Blount (1618-1679); from this volume Dr. Johnson drew all the heraldic definitions in his dictionary’ [DNB].
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