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Shanghae Races, Spring Meeting, 1865, Second Day, Thursday, 27th April, 1865 -

1865 - Printed by A. H. De Carvalho, Shanghai - Only edition
Large and rare lavender China silk programme for one of the earliest Shanghai Races, the 1865 Spring Meeting (47.5 x 23.5 cm). Finely presented in gold wood frame (64 x 38.5 cm), on acid free backing card, and with 99% UV protection ‘tru-vue’ museum grade glass.

Listing seven races, all are with names of stables or owners, names of horses, weight or height, jockey silks colours, the horses include Arabs, English, China and Japan Ponies

The races are -
Maloo Plate, for China ponies only; Arab Challenge Cup, for all Arabs; Chaasee Cup, for China and Japan ponies; Challenge Cup, for all horses [Arabs, Stud Bred, Colonials, and English]; Chu-Ka-Za Cup, for all Arabs; The Selling Stakes, for Colonial and Arab horses; and the Hack Stakes, for all horses not otherwise entered at this Meeting. 
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British Malaya (The Magazine of the Association of British Malaya) -

1926-1940 - Newton &, London - Only editions
A rare fourteen volume collection of the monthly magazine of the Association of British Malaya, beginning with the first publication of the magazine in May 1926, and ending with April 1940. Japan began its invasion of Malaysia in December of 1941, and Singapore surrendered in February of 1942. Bound in annual groupings by the Caxton Press in Kuala Lumpur.

The Association of British Malaya was founded in 1920, replacing the Straits Settlements Association which had existed since 1868. In the light of changing circumstances it became the British Association of Malaya (1956), the British Association of Malaysia (1963) resulting in a change of the magazine to ‘
Malaysia’ and finally British Association of Malaysia and Singapore (1965), which ceased to existence on 30 June 1973. The association's monthly magazine, which started in 1926, had its final issue in May 1973.

Over 4,500 pages providing an unparalleled coverage of social, business, and international issues relating to Malaysia and Singapore between the wars, profusely illustrated with photographs and to a lesser extent advertisements.
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Port Arthur. A Descriptive and Historical Sketch. -

1915 - Japan Tourism Board, Dairen Branch - First Edition
With a colour folding map of Port Arthur to the rear (46x49cm).

A rare booklet, forty two pages, illustrated throughout, with a strong war-related tourism focus on the historic Russo-Japanese conflicts of 1894 and 1904, and the heroic efforts of the Japanese Army in this far northern Chinese port located near to Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Published by the Japan Tourist Bureau, the predecessor of the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB).
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A Voyage Round the World, In the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV. - George Anson, Richard Walter

1748 - Printed for the Author, London - First Edition
A finely bound ‘Royal Paper’ copy of this beautifully illustrated work which ‘has long occupied a distinguished position as a masterpiece of descriptive travel’ (Hill), and ‘a model of what such literature should be’ (Cox).

Containing forty-two copper-engraved maps, charts, views, and coastal profiles, all but one folding, including views of Brazilian harbours and cities, Acapulco, Tenian, Port St. Julian, Magellan’s Straits, the Bay of Manila, Saipan, Lama, Lantau, Chinese junks, and others, and large folding maps of South America, the Philippines, and the Pacific Ocean, as well as a twelve-page subscriber list, and the two-page instructions to the binder.

England, at war with Spain in 1739, equipped eight ships under the command of George Anson to harass the Spaniards on the western coast of South America for the purpose of cutting off Spanish supplies of wealth from the Pacific area. Seven ships were lost and of 900 men 600 perished. As usual, scurvy took an appalling toll.

The Spanish fleet sent to oppose the British ran into storms; provisions ran out and many ships were wrecked. Thus the primary objective of the expedition was not attained. Anson, however, continued taking prizes off the Pacific coast during 1741-42, and in June 1743, near the Philippines, he captured the Spanish galleon
Nostra Seigniora de Cabadonga and its treasure of £400,000 sterling, which allowed Anson and the surviving members of his crew to reach England much the richer. 
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Propos d un Intoxiqu - J. Boissi

1929 - Javal &, Paris - Limited edition. No 8 of 22 copies
Captivating autobiography of an Opium addict in the latter years of the 19th century in colonial French Indo-China.

Magnificently illustrated with 16 plates after water-colours by Fujita throughout the text together, each one line-lithographed by Prost and hand-coloured by Daniel Jacomet (with six additional full suites of the illustrations in various states, contained in the second volume - see below for full details).

Housed in original red silk clamshell case, lined with yellow silk, spine lettered in gilt, twin silk button closures.
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The Bridge Over The River Kwai - Pierre Boulle, Xan Fielding (Translator)

1954 - The Vanguard Press, New York - First American Edition (issued at same time as UK edition, but title differs with &ldquo
First edition in English of Boulle’s first novel, based partly on his experiences performing slave labour as a POW in Japanese-occupied Indochina; and basis of the epic 1957 movie directed by David Lean starring Alec Guinness, William Holden and Jack Hawkins. 
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Peking Und Umgebung - Boy-Ed

1907 - Verlag der Brigade-Zeitung, Tientsin
Canvassed backed colour map of Peking, 71 x 80 cm. Text in German and Chinese.

With original title, additional booksellers stamp and contemporary owner’s name to front covers

This map was also used for the photographic work of the same name published in 1906 by the printing office of the German occupation forces. According to Wittockiana very little is known about the author Boy-ed, who was first lieutenant and headed the German detachment of howitzers in Peking during the Boxer rebellion.
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Hundred Altars - Juliet Bredon

1936 - Kelly and Walsh, Shanghai - Special Far Eastern Edition.
Unusually for Bredon’s works this was first published in London 1934, and later presented here as the Special Far Eastern Edition. published in Shanghai, and with the scarce dust and delicate Kelly and Walsh dust jacket. Normally the first editions of Bredon were published by Kelly and Walsh.

Hundred Altars is the name of a village in Northern China, an impressive first novel by Juliet Bredon, long term expatriate and author of several detailed historical and descriptive works on China. Penetrates the soul of that vast country, revealing its people, its customs, its struggles as they have seldom if ever been revealed before. The soul of a nation lies in the hearts of its peasantry, and it is of the peasantry that this novel so unforgettably deals. We see them here in the strange humility, with those traits of character so curious in our eyes, these men and women and children of the village of Hundred Altars; they live before us so vividly that the story becomes one of intense personal importance to the reader.’ - publishers description. 
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