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Vancouver Island and British Columbia - Matthew Macfie

1865 - Longman, London - First Edition
Matthew Macfie’s important and comprehensive account of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, ‘intended chiefly for the perusal of merchants, statesman, and intending emigrants’ and as such with chapters on geography, climate, flora and fauna, mining, timber export, agriculture, emigration, industry, and general history.

First edition, in original cloth, and illustrated with frontispiece of ‘River Operations on the North Pacific’, two partially coloured folding maps, and six in-text engravings.

Considered by Reimer [
Writing British Columbia History 1784-1958] as a more even-handed and dependable account of Britain’s new Pacific colonies, compared to the works of Duncan MacDonald, Richard Mayne and Alexander Rattray.

Macfie served five years ministering in the colonies, and, with the assistance of the two colonial governments, he embarked upon an 1864 speaking tour of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Britain to promote emigration to the far west. These promotional efforts inspired him to write
Vancouver Island and British Columbia, perhaps the most useful and balanced of the volumes to emerge during this time. 
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Night Without End - Alistair MacLean

1960 - Collins, London - First Edition
An airliner crashes in the Polar ice-cap. In temperatures 40 degrees below zero, six men and four women survive. But for the members of a remote research station who rescue them, there are some sinister questions to answer - the first one being, who shot the pilot before the crash?

A stunning copy.
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1946 - E. P. Dutton & Co., New York - First Edition in English, Second Printing (one month after the first).
A fine copy in bright dust jacket, scarce as such.

Curzio Malaparte was a disaffected supporter of Mussolini with a taste for danger and high living. Sent by an Italian paper during World War II to cover the fighting on the Eastern Front, Malaparte secretly wrote this terrifying report from the abyss, which became an international best-seller when it was published after the war. Telling of the siege of Leningrad, of glittering dinner parties with Nazi leaders, and of trains disgorging bodies in war-devastated Romania, Malaparte paints a picture of humanity at its most depraved. Kaputt is an insider's dispatch from the world of the enemy that is as hypnotically fascinating as it is disturbing.’ (description from the
New York Review Books Classics) 
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The Indian Alps and How We Crossed Them - Nina Elizabeth Mazuchelli

1876 - Longmans, London - First Edition
A handsome volume of this enduring work on mountaineering, the enthusiastic and irrepressible narrative of Nina Elizabeth Mazuchelli who, together with her Army chaplain husband, Francis, and their friend ‘C’ (the District Officer) traversed the Nepal-Sikkim frontier along the Singalila Ridge – they almost reached the Tibetan border before a blizzard forced them to turn back.

Despite their retreat, Mrs Mazuchelli was the first English woman to travel so far into the eastern Himalayas.

Profusely illustrated with 10 full page chromolithographic plates and numerous in-text drawings and sketches by the author, together with a folding map of Sikkim, the travelling party’s route marked in colour.
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Around the world on wheels - Mr. and Mrs. H. Darwin McIlrath

1898 - The Inter Ocean Publishing Co., Chicago - First Edition in book form.
When I consented to the plan of going around the world I intended to make the trip alone, but my wife pleaded so hard to accompany me that I finally concluded to take her. She is a brave little girl, and rather than considering her a burden, I now look upon her as having been of great help to me on our memorable voyage. Aside from the fact that she is an expert wheelwoman, she is also an unerring shot.

So wrote Darwin McIlrath of his wife Hattie in 1898 after their three and a half year round-the-world bicycle tour. This husband-and-wife pair pedalled 28,000 miles on a world bike trip, making Hattie one of the first women to go around the world by bicycle (Annie Londonderry is often cited as the first). The voyage took them from Chicago to San Francisco, then to Japan by ship, through China, Burma, India, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Hungary, and Austria.

A near fine and rare work, illustrated with a pictorial title page, twelve full page engraved plates and one map showing their route through China, Burma and India.
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Across East African Glaciers - Hans Meyer

1891 - George Philip & Son, London - First Edition in English
A superb example of the first edition, in the publisher’s original and first state illustrated cover highlighting the snow in white and additional colour to the tents and clearing, described by Neate as ‘a most handsome volume’. With mounted chromolithographed frontispiece, three folding colour maps, eight mounted photographic plates, and twelve photogravures

‘Hans Meyer was a geologist and experienced climber who made four trips to the Kilimanjaro region in 1887-1889 culminating in his successful ascent – the first undisputed summit of Kibo, 19,340 feet, the highest of the mountain's three peaks – in 1889. In an earlier attempt, Meyer and his companion Oscar Baumann had the misfortune to arrive in the midst of an Arab revolt against German traders on the East African coast. They were captured and held hostage until a substantial ransom was paid. Meyer's ultimate success has been attributed to his recognition that the greatest obstacle to achieving the summit was the lack of food in the upper regions. He brought a sizeable and well organized party and established several camps on the mountain, allowing him to make multiple attempts at the summit without descending to the base. His lively and highly readable account of the expedition is arguably the most important work on African mountaineering.’ -
Walkabout Books. 
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A Literary History of Scotland - John Hepburn Millar

1903 - T. Fisher Unwin, London - Number 6 of 25 copies.
A finely bound limited edition of this detailed work. Over 700 pages with chapters covering Scottish poetry, prose, reviews, histories and novels.

‘Miller’s scholarly
A Literary History of Scotland was for many years the standard work on Scottish Literature and remains a useful work of reference. In it he maintained his attack on the then fashionable Kailyard writers (late 19th-century movement in Scottish fiction characterised by a sentimental idealisation of humble village life), whom he had first criticised in the April 1895 issue of The New Review.’ - Famous Scots 
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1924 - John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, London - Third Edition
A nicely bound copy of this descriptive history, with fourteen charming illustrations (six in colour) by the author, and maps and plans.

Jessie Mothersole was ‘a landscape-painter who can claim the rare distinction of having traversed on foot the entire distance from Wallsend to Bowness, as well as spending much time at places on the line. Few antiquaries have repeated the famous journey of Hutton, and Miss Mothersole is an avowed disciple of that genial old gentleman, whose quaintly sententious style - solitary walking fosters a philosophical habit of mind - has left its mark on her own. She resembles her guide both in his enthusiasm and in his comparative ignorance of archaeological detail. For she is no antiquary. She is a pilgrim, with an artist’s eye for the line of the Wall, the country over which it runs, and the character of the people who live about it. All these things she observes lovingly and truthfully and sets down without reserve. Consequently her book goes straight to the heart of all who love the Wall and the Wall country; to read her is to see distant views and to hear the wind again. But though no antiquary, she has taken trouble with this side of her work and made full use of a great opportunity; for Mr. F. G. Simpson has generously supplied her with much information which has never before reached the general public, and this gives the book a real archaeological value. Where Mr. Simpson’s hand is withdrawn, her archaeology wavers or comes abruptly to an end. But taking it all round, the book is to be heartily recommended to all prospective visitors or others who want a readable account of the Wall, and is, for the passages in which the voice is the voice of Mr. Simpson, worthy of notice by those who wish to keep abreast of the latest research. The colour plates are charming and we wish there were more of them.’ -
Journal of Roman Studies, 1921. 
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