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Wattle Babies - May Gibbs

Circa 1918 - Angus &, Sydney - First or very early edition
Scarce copy of the fifth and final booklet in May Gibb’s famous Gum Nut series, which laid the way for her series of ten longer books relating the adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (and their friends and relations) over the next quarter of a century.

Charmingly illustrated with a colour plate tipped onto the front covers, a colour frontispiece, pictorial title page, and eleven full page sepia-tinted plates. May took inspiration from the Australian Golden Wattle for
The Wattle Babies.

First or very early edition, with no date to title page, publisher given as Angus & Robertson Ltd and printed by W. C. Penfold & Co. Ltd.
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Les Livres de L'Enfance du XVe au XIXe Siecle. Preface de Paul Gavault - Gumuchian

1930 - Gumuchian &, Paris - The first deluxe edition, limited to 100 copies on Papier de Hollande, this being number 10
Possibly the most important catalogue of children's books ever Issued. Two large quarto volumes, text in French and English, illustrated with 336 colour and black and white plates. 
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1910 - William Heinemann, London - Early Impression (6th)
Whoever has made a voyage up the Hudson must remember the Kaatskill Mountains...’

A beautiful rendition of ‘Rip Van Winkle’ in which the story is first told in words, and then retold again through the imaginative fantasy land of Arthur Rackham’s 51 colour plates.

The plates are on green card, 50 have descriptive tissue guard, and the extra plate, an extension of the illustration ‘
These fairy mountains’ is shown on the verso of sheet three at the rear. 
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Biggles on the Home Front - Captain W.E. Johns

1957 - Hodder and Stoughton, London - First Edition
With six full page colour illustrations by Leslie Stead.

Another adventure of Biggles and his Air Police Pilots. This time Biggles, Ginger, Algie and Bertie go to the rescue of Inspector Gaskin of the C.I.D., who has a hunch that aviation plays a part in the latest crop of jewel robberies in London.

Crime in the air is Biggles’ job, and he fastens onto the trail leading from the Barnstaple Arms in Soho with his usual zest and courage.
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Biggles and the Leopards of Zinn - Captain W.E. Johns

1960 - Brockhampton Press, Leicester - First Edition
‘Biggles reveals his two pet hates - the crocodile and trouble-making man.’

#56 in the Biggles Series.
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1955 - Brockhampton Press, Leicester - First Edition in Hardback (see below for details).
Scarce first hardbacl edition of ‘Biggles Learns to Fly’ which first published in the ‘Boys' Friend Library’ magazine issue No. 501 - dated 7th November 1935. It has not been available in any form since that year, and has been personally revised by Captain W.E. Johns for re-issue in this edition’ (as stated on the copyright page). Making this the first edition in hard back and the first edition with Johns revisions.

How Biggles, at seventeen, joined the royal Flying Corps and after a few flights went to war.
A tense tale of lonely patrols, fierce dogfights and split-second rescues
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Chinese Fairy Tales - Phyllis Juby

1934 - Newspaper Enterprise, Hong Kong - First Editions
Four beautiful and fine little Fairy Tales bound in Chinese style, illustrated throughout ‘in the Chinese manner’ by her husband Hungarian (later South African) architect and pioneer film set designer Alesandro Sandor Konya. Housed in the publisher’s patterned purple silk case.

The Mysterious Boat-Girl.
Hai and the Fairy Songster.
The Priest, The Moonmaid and The Fool's Magic.
The Stone Monkey.
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The Three Lieutenants, or, Naval Life in the Nineteenth Century - W. H. G. Kingston

1897 - Griffith Farran Browne &, London
Illustrations by Charles J. de Lacy. From the Boys’ Own Favourite Library series. The second novel in Kingstons series which began with ‘The Midshipmen’. A lovely copy in pictorial boardsand gilt edges.

Kingston's reputation was made by these books, that first appeared about 1860, and dealt with an officer's life in the Navy at about that time. By an extraordinary coincidence, the three young men who had met as midshipmen, get postings that enable them to keep their friendships alive when they are lieutenants. Another old friend is Admiral Triton, who, though retired, takes a great interest in their careers.
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