The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money - John Maynard Keynes 1936 - MacMillan, London - First Edition, First Printing First edition of one of the most influential economic treatises of the 20th century.

The General Theory is nothing less than an epic journey out of intellectual darkness. That, as much as its continuing relevance to economic policy, is what makes it a book for the ages. Read it, and marvel.’ - Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics.
  The work ‘on which his fame as the outstanding economist of his generation must rest’ - Printing and the Mind of Man.

Printing and the Mind of Man 423. DNB.
pp. [3] [1 advertisement] xii 403 [1]
  Condition: A very good plus copy, light marking to upper cover, none of the usual fading to spine, small signature, pencil underlings.   Ref: 104442   Price: HK$ 11,200