A Practical Treatise on Diet - and on the most salutary and agreeable means of supporting life and health by Aliment and Regimen. Adapted to the various Circumstances of Age, Constitution, and Climate; and including the application of modern chemistry to the culinary preparation of food - William Nisbet 1801 - Printed for R. Phillips, London - First Edition A fascinating and extremely rare early work on diet and the affects of different foods, drinks, condiments and atmospheres.

After several general chapters including ‘
Effects of Luxury in Modern Times, the book is then split into IV divisions:-
I -
Management of the Skin. II - Effects of the Atmosphere. III - Of Aliment, or Diet, divided into Food and Drink - Which consists of 300 pages detailing the effects of individual foods and drinks. Firstly of Food and in this is the Division of Animal Food into four classes: Quadrupeds, Fowls; Fish; Milk; and the Division of Vegetable Food into four classes: Farinaceous Seeds (Grains, Pulses, Oily Nuts); Roots; Herbs; Fruits; Fungous . Secondly Of Drink which is divided into Water and Fermented Liquors (including Beers, Wines and Spirits); interestingly Tea and Coffee are included as Alimentary Liquors. Thirdly Of Condiment which is divided into Saline; Aromatic or Spicy; Oleaginous and of course Tobacco is considered a condiment and included in this section. IV - Principles of Diet and Cookery.
  William Nisbet (1759–1822) was a Scottish physician notable for having authored many widely used medical books that emphasized practice. Nisbet earned his MD at Aberdeen (1785) and became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (1786). He eventually moved to London where he practised in Fitzroy Square after 1801. Aside from his publications, there is very little historical record of his life. [ODNB]

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