The Poems of Ernest Dowson - Ernest Dowson. Aubrey Beardsley [illustrator] 1905 - John Lane, London - First Edition of this collection of Poetry and Verse. A beautiful and fitting tribute to this tragic figure of the decadent movement, one of the most gifted of the circle of English poets of the 1890s known as the Decadents, the literary circle of Oscar Wilde, Beardsley and friends. The creator of such phrases as ‘days of wine and roses’ [Vitae Summa Brevis], ‘gone with the wind’ [Non Sum Qualis...] the third line of which ‘far away, faintly sad sound I wanted’ inspired Margaret Mitchell to call her only novel ‘Gone With the Wind’.

After the death of his father from tuberculosis and subsequent suicide of his mother, Dowson spent the remaining years of his short life, drinking himself to his own death at the age of 32.

Published posthumously,
Poems comprises a memoir by Arthur Symons, a graceful cover design and four illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley reproduced from the 1899 edition of The Pierrot of the Minute, and a frontispiece portrait by William Rothenstein. The work is in three sections: Verses, The Pierrot of the Minute (“a dramatic phantasy in one act”), and Decorations.
  pp. [2] xxxviii 166, errata slip [2 advertisements]   Publishers advertisements and tipped in ‘Note’ to the rear.   Condition: Fine   Ref: 104578   Price: HK$ 4,000