Mountain Monarchs : Wild Sheep & Goats of the Himalayas - George B. Schaller 1977 - University of Chicago Press, Chicago - First Edition First edition in elusive dust jacket. The first detailed behavioural study of mountain ungulates in a little studied region - the Himalaya. Illustrated throughout.

In 1968, the intrepid George Schaller began a three year study in the vast mountainous and forested regions of Central and Southern Asia, focusing his research on six species of wild sheep and goat – Punjab urial, Persian wild goat, markhor, Himalayan tahr, Nilgiri tahr, and bharal, or blue sheep.

During part of his travels through the Himalayas to study the bharal, or blue sheep, and to possibly to catch a glimpse of the rare and elusive snow leopard, Schaller was accompanied by writer Peter Matthiessen, who would later write his own account of the journey in his award-winning book,
The Snow Leopard, referring to Schaller throughout the work as ‘GS’.

Schaller is indeed one of only two Westerners known to have seen a snow leopard in Nepal between 1950 and 1978.
  Born in 1933, George B. Schaller is an American biologist, conservationist and author, and is considered one of the world’s preeminent field biologists studying wildlife throughout Africa, Asia and South America. He has served as an associate professor at Rockefeller University, and as the director of the New York Zoological Society’s International Conservation Program, and has been the recipient of various scientific and literary awards, including National Geographic’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and the US National Book Award for Science.

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