An Historical Survey of the French Colony in the Island of St. Domingo: Comprehending A Short Account of its Ancient Government, Political State, Population, Productions, and Exports.; A Narrative if the Calamities which have Desolated the Country Ever Since The Year 1789, with some reflections on their cause and probable consequences; and A Detail of the Military Transactions of the British Army in that Island to the end of 1794. - Bryan Edwards 1797 - John Stockdale, London - First Edition ‘The most comprehensive view of the economic, social and political problems of colonial Saint-Dominique in the years immediately before the French Revolution’ - Cambridge History of Latin America.

A classic account of the uprisings and a very full but critical description of the island of St. Domingo (Haiti), in which Edwards condemns the French settlers for their treatment of the natives and, at the same time, argues against the British trade restrictions on the newly-independent United States. The author spent most of his early life in the West Indies working as a merchant and plantation-owner.
  This work elicited an angry response both from members of the French community and from the British politicians. He returned to England in 1792 and became a member of Parliament, where he continued his fight for unrestricted trade between the West Indies and the United States.

A lot was taken out of context and became a reference point for Americans who opposed the antislavery movement and who believed that emancipation was either impractical or required a cautious, gradual approach.

This copy includes a handwritten note on page 145 which can be dated to around 1797/8 concerning the celebrated black slave who became a British army officer (his story also makes for good reading but is not within the scope of this work). The note reads ‘And at this moment our most faithful noble servant - an able, determined, active, intrepid man, and as a testimonial of his services, a Brace of Pistols ordered for him, a Present f’m his Majesty’.

References: Cundall 430. Sabin 21894 - This copy as in many, does not include the fold-out map of San Domingo.
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