"Hello, Momma" - SIGNED - George Jessel 1946 - The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and New York - First Edition The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.

Georgie Jessel’s world-famous phone conversations with his Momma, plus other hilarious essays, jokes and skits. Illustrated throughout with Carl Roses sketches and cartoons, and completed with an irreverent ‘forewarned’ (foreword) by Eddie Cantor.
  George Albert Jessel [1898-1981], comic actor, producer and academy award winner. Born into a poor Jewish family in the Bronx, he took to the stage in 1907 to help support his sick father. Jessel formed a vaudeville act with Jack Wiener, who became a Hollywood agent, and Walter Winchell, the renowned columnist. Later Winchell and Jessel joined Gus Edwards's famous schoolchildren act, performing alongside Georgie Price and Eddie Cantor [who wrote the introduction to this book] and by 1920 Jessel was producing his own miniature revues for vaudeville. About the same time he first did his most celebrated turn, his monologue that pretended to be a phone call to his demanding mother. In it he swore he knew nothing about the money missing from the cupboard, he hadn't eaten a piece of the cake she had baked for a charity affair, and no, that was not his cigar butt, since he didn't smoke.

Jessel then went on to produce over 24 films for 20th Century Fox, was known as the ‘Toastmaster General’ on the banquet circuit, and he also decided to introduce a sister act to his vaudeville show in Chicago, ‘The Gumm Sisters’, reintroducing them as the Garland Sisters, the youngest sister later changing her name to Judy.
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