Do Butlers Burgle Banks? - P. G. Wodehouse 1968 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First English Edition 'Unless some kindly burglar takes it into his head to burgle the bank before the examiners arrive, I'm for it,' said Mike Bond of Bond's Bank gloomily.

A luck would have it, that is just what Horace Appleby has in mind. Although it was not for purely altruistic reasons that the gentlemanly gangster was posing as butler in the Bond residence.

Whatever their motives, neither party had reckoned on Horace's susceptibility to steak-and-kindly pie and to a female person's charms or on the resourcefulness of Mike's betrothed or on the formidable powers of Potter of the Yard.
  First published in the US: August 5 1968 by Simon & Schuster, New York.
First published in the UK: September 19 1968 by Herbert Jenkins, London.

Reference: The Russian Wodehouse Society. Madame Ulalie. McIlvaine A91b.
pp. 189 [3].
  Condition: Near fine, light spotting to foredge, in fine jacket.   Ref: 106785   Price: HK$ 900