Journal of an Embassy from the Governor-General of India to the Courts of Siam and Cochin China; Exhibiting a View of the Actual State of Those Kingdoms - John Crawfurd 1830 - Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, London - Second Edition Crawfurd’s intelligent and comprehensive account of his mission to Siam and Vietnam, volume one being his narrative of the mission itself, whilst volume two describes the people, places, customs, manners and other observations made during that time. In original boards and spine, full margins and partially unopened.

‘In 1821 Crawfurd, then based in Calcutta, was appointed to head a mission to Siam and Vietnam, with the primary objective of opening up commerce. He made little headway with the suspicious local authorities and achieved no political and little commercial advantage, despite instructions to seek trade on liberal terms without demanding the exclusive privileges customary in the past. But the official report, which he submitted on his return to Calcutta in December 1822, provided invaluable information.’

Illustrated throughout, with a large folding engraved map of
Siam and Cochin-China. A large folding plate ‘View of the town and roads of Singapore from the Government Hill’, and a foldout Plan of the Town of Singapore and the Settlement of Singapore. A double page folding View of the City of Bangkok, and a plate showing a Sketch of the Town of Bangkok.

Ten full page plates showing a
Malay Man; Malay Woman; Siamese Woman; Siamese Man; Mandarin of the Civil Order; Mandarin of the Military Order; Cochin-Chinese Lady; Cochin-Chinese Mandarin; Deputy Governor of Kamboja; and the King of Cochin-China. Two double page folding plates showing a Conveyance of persons of Rank, and Cochin-Chinese Priests, and a double page plate of Eight National Portraits.

Double page folding plate of Siamese & Pali Alphabets, a double page plate of
Mon or Pegu, and Lao alphabets, and a large folding woodcut plate of Vocabularies. In addition to four full page woodcuts and seven in-text woodcuts.
  Born in 1783 and dying in 1868, John Crawfurd’s life spanned Britain’s industrial revolution. He was a doctor, colonial administrator, diplomat, political candidate and orientalist scholar. He served the British East India Company in Northern India, Penang, Java, Singapore, and as a diplomat to Burma and Siam. Like many company officials, he believed that academic inquiry was part of his official duties. His scholarly interests included: philology, ethnology, geology, biology, and political economy. [Oxford DNB]

References: Satow
Bibliography of Siam 111. Knapman Race, Empire and Liberalism: Interpreting John Crawfurd’s History of the Indian Archipelago.
8vo. pp. vii [1] 475 [2]; [2] v [1] 459 [1] [2 publisher’s advertisements]. Volume II with half title. Rebacked to style retaining the original boards and spine, new pastedown to volume II.
  Condition: Very good, text clean and partially unopened, light ink stamp and blind library stamps to titles, blind stamps to several other pages.   Ref: 106236   Price: HK$ 29,000