American Trout Streams. A Discussion of the Problems Confronting Anglers in the Preservation, Management and Rehabilitation of American Trout Waters - Henry Andrews Ingraham 1926 - Privately printed for The Anglers’ Club of New York, New York - Number 271 of 350 copies A superb copy, unread and unopened, of the second book published by The Anglers' Club of New York [Siegel 1]. Illustrated with 3 maps, and 2 plates of trout stream insects.

Eugene V. Connett was quoted as saying that American Trout Streams was 'the first book to be published by Derrydale,' though it does not bear the imprint of Connett's famous press. -
A Century With the Anglers' Club [2006]
  ‘Man is a poor observer unless interested in the objects of his observation, and when interested in stream observation, no detail or fact is too small or insignificant to be ignored. A stream, to an angler, is seen not only with the eye and brain of an artist or poet, but in addition, it, and all of its wonderful surroundings become crammed with scientific interest, limitless in its scope and variety’. - Henry Andrews Ingraham being interviewed by Headwaters of History [2012].

Provenance: With the bookplate of noted angling book collector William Simon Glazier.
pp. [2] xvi [2] 139 [3]
  Condition: Near fine, some toning to spin, internally fine, and unopened.   Ref: 104980   Price: HK$ 2,800