Sailing Alone Around the World - An important association copy. - Captain Joshua Slocum 1900 - The Century Co., New York - First Edition, first printing A rare, near fine and important association copy of this classic autobiographical account of the first solo trip around the world, smartly housed in a custom made half morocco clamshell case titled in gilt.

To Genl and Mrs Churchill in kind recollection of our meeting in Samoa 1896 and again New York this April 5th 1900 - Joshua Slocum

In 1896 William Churchill, a brilliant linguist and Samoan expert had just arrived after being appointed U.S. Consul General to Samoa.

‘They bore an invitation from General Churchill for me to come and dine at the consulate. There was a lady's hand in things about the consulate at Samoa. Mrs. Churchill picked the crew for the general's boat, and saw to it that they wore a smart uniform and that they could sing the Samoan boatsong, which in the first week Mrs. Churchill herself could sing like a native girl.’ -
Slocum on arriving in Samoa and being serenaded by Samoans in canoes sent by the Churchills to welcome him [Page 154]

‘Joshua Slocum's autobiographical account of his solo trip around the world is one of the most remarkable - and entertaining - travel narratives of all time.

Setting off alone from Boston aboard the thirty-six foot wooden sloop Spray in April 1895, Captain Slocum went on to join the ranks of the world's great circumnavigators -- Magellan, Drake, and Cook. But by circling the globe without crew or consorts, Slocum would outdo them all: his three-year solo voyage of more than 46,000 miles remains unmatched in maritime history for courage, skill, and determination’.
  Sailing Alone Around the World recounts Slocum's wonderful adventures: hair-raising encounters with pirates off Gibraltar and savage Indians in Tierra del Fuego; raging tempests and treacherous coral reefs; flying fish for breakfast in the Pacific; and a hilarious visit with Henry ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume?") Stanley in South Africa.

A century later, Slocum's incomparable book endures as of the greatest narratives of adventure ever written.’ [From the
Penguin Classics Edition]

Included are articles from various newspapers about the voyage and Slocum’s life, as well as a globe shaped advertisement for the book itself, possibly for the first edition.

Slocum’s second meeting in 1900 would have been after Churchill had been removed from his post and returned to America.

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  Condition: A near fine copy, small 1cm stain to top of front board, one or two loose gatherings.   Ref: 104596   Price: HK$ 52,000