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Christmas Holiday - William Somerset Maugham

1939 - William Heinemann Ltd, London - First Edition
First edition of one of Maugham’s darker tales, Paris, the Russian Revolution, a lost generation and self-destruction.

The basis for the 1944 film noir, a highlight for director Robert Siodmak, starring Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly.
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Cakes and Ale - or - The Skeleton in the Cupboard - William Somerset Maugham

1930 - William Heinemann Ltd, London - First Edition, First Issue
“Enjoy yourself while you have the chance, I say; we shall all be dead in a hundred years and what will anything matter then?”

First edition, in outstanding example of the dust jacket, of Somerset Maugham's classic satirical novel; a story of literary poseurs, fame, hypocrisy and freedom, narrated by novelist William Ashenden, Maugham's alter-ego who had already appeared in '
Ashenden', the fictional account of his Secret Service work in World War I.

The book I like best is Cakes and Ale. It was an amusing book to write. 
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The Mixture as Before - William Somerset Maugham

1940 - William Heinemann Ltd, London & Toronto - First Edition
A superb example of the first edition of this short story collection, the tone prone dust jacket bright and with the scarce wrap around band not noted in either bibliography.

“Maugham, somewhat ironically, took the title of this book from a review in ‘
The Times’ of his last volume of short stories which was headed ‘The Mixture as Before’.” [Stott]

‘A top ranking story teller presents another grand collection, not a poor one in the lot. Maugham's expert craftsmanship is at is best in this medium, I think. These stories stem from other backgrounds than his familiar Far East setting, with England, the Continent and French Guiana as the basis. There are human interest bits, brief drama, humour; some have an O'Henry twist to the end; all show thorough understanding and sympathy with his fellow man.’ [Kirkus Reviews].
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Theatre: A Novel - William Somerset Maugham

1937 - William Heinemann Ltd, London Toronto - First English Edition, second state.
A bright sharp and near fine copy of Maugham's tribute to the vocation of an actress. 
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