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Taking One's Own Ship Around the World - Inscribed - William K. Vanderbilt

1929 - Privately Printed, New York - Number 81 of 500 copies. In deluxe binding.
A wonderful association copy inscribed “To Harrison Williams, with the compliments of the author, W.K. Vanderbilt, Dec. 25th, 1929". Williams, one of the richest men in America, owned the ‘Warrior’ the largest motor yacht of its day at 240 foot, pipping Vanderbilt’s ‘Ara’ by 27 feet. Both men had an interest in marine research in addition to taking these magnificent world cruises, statements to the changing of the guard, Old World to New World.

A superb and large format work, Vanderbilt’s descriptions of incidents and ports of call mingle nostalgically with the photographs and exquisite colour plates. Vanderbilt also includes a brief account of his seafaring life, and the history of the

In 1921 Vanderbilt chanced to see the “Ara”, a 1918 213ft steel British Navy sloop of war, in Camper & Nicholson’s yard which appealed to him. He bought and converted her into a yacht and then “cruised” 97,446 miles before undertaking this 28,738 mile circumnavigation westward starting in New York and ending in Miami.

Vanderbilt and his wife made the entire voyage, together with a crew of 34, several guests went along for part of it. Ports of call included Havana, Hawaii, the Marshalls, Carolines, Philippines, Saigon, Singapore, Malacca, Sri Lanka, Bombay, Aden, various Mediterranean and Aegean ports, Gibralter, Tangier, Casablanca, the Canaries, Cape Verdes, Guadalupe, and Puerto Rico.
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