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The Beetle. A Mystery - Richard Marsh

1897 - Skeffington &, London - First Edition
An outstanding and rare first edition of Richard Marsh’s best-selling gothic horror masterpiece. With four full page monochrome plates from illustrations by John Williamson.

'I saw him take a different shape before my eyes. His loose draperies fell about him…and there issued out of them a monstrous creature of the beetle tribe…'

The Beetle, published in 1897, is the tale of a shape-changing Egyptian creature that comes to London seeking revenge on a leading MP, which greatly outsold its close rival Dracula (published the same year).’

'Mr. Richard Marsh has, so to speak, out-Heroded Herod' –
The Glasgow Herald, comparing Marsh to Bram Stoker (1898).
'We cannot recommend The Beetle to persons whose nerves are weak...' –
The Speaker (1898).
‘Sordid and vulgar’ –
The Daily Mail (1898). 
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Price HK$ 22,000