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The Last Picture Show - Signed & Inscribed to distinguished bibliographer Mel Edelstein - Larry McMurtry

1966 - The Dial Press, New York - First Edition
For Mel Edelstein,
This simple tale of rural life, with good wishes
Larry McMurtry

A fine inscribed copy of Larry McMurtry's most powerful and memorable coming-of-age novel. Mel Edelstein, amongst other things was a bibliographer at the Getty Research Institute, taught history, literature and library courses at Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and Brown, a scholar of American poet Wallace Stevens, and a frequent and good customer of McMurtry’s book stores.

In the small Texas town of Thalia Sam the Lion runs the pool-hall, the picture house and the all-night café. Coach Popper whips his boys with towels and once took a shot at one when he disturbed his hunting. Billy wouldn't know better than to sweep his broom all the way to the town limits if no one stopped him. And teenage friends Sonny and Duane have nothing better to do than drift towards the adult world, with its temptations of sex and confusions of love.

'McMurtry is an alchemist who converts the basest materials to gold; the sexual encounters are sad, funny, touching, sometimes horrifying, but always honest, always human.’ -
The New York Times Book Review. 
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