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Carrington’s Cases - J. Storer Clouston

1920 - William Blackwood and Sons, London - First Edition
‘I don’t believe there is any business in the world in which a man gets more puzzlers as to what is his duty, than in mine.’ said Carrington. ‘In the kind of private work I do, I’m constantly up against the nastiest snags, but one generally has to toughen one’s hide and go ahead anyway.’

Presented with a charmingly illustrated front cover, this Queen's Quorum thriller features the adventures of the wonderful F.T. Carrington, the monocled young private detective ‘with a round, ingenuous, very agreeable face... a little neatly trimmed moustache’ – the inquiry agent, as he preferred to call himself. He tackles crimes and mysteries such as misplaced spouses, haunted houses, and medical misnomers, all done with Clouston’s trademark talent for absorbing plot, balanced with his deft hand for humour.

‘One of the most sought-after collections of detective short stories’ – Eric Quayle,
Detective Fiction. 
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - with - The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

1892 - George Newnes Ltd., London - First Edition, First Issues (preceded by the Strand Magazine publication)
A smart bright pair, first editions in their earliest issues of the classic Sherlock Holmes short stories, up to the Reichenbach Falls episode of The Final Problem. Illustrated throughout from wood engravings by Sidney Paget. Adventures contains twelve stories including A Scandal in Bohemia and The Speckled Band, Memoirs contains eleven stories including The Final Problem, and “Silver Blaze”.

Suitably housed in a custom clamshell case of half dark blue morocco leather over matching cloth, lined with felt, titles in gilt.
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The Singing Bone - R. Austin Freeman

1912 - Hodder and Stoughton, London - First Edition
A lauded and listed collection of five stories, beginning with The Case of Oscar Brodski, by the ‘true and undoubted ‘parent’ of the scientific detective story in the highest meaning of the phrase.’ (Haycraft, Murder for Pleasure.) First edition, with misprinted quotation mark on the title-page.

Symons in
Murder for Pleasure stresses the originality of this collection of short stories, in which we see a crime committed, and then watch Dr. John Thorndyke discover and follow clues that lead to the criminal, a concept known as the ‘inverted tale’. Symons also admired Freeman’s accuracy in detail, a result of Freeman’s medical training and perhaps his work as a medical advisor at Holloway Prison, and Haycraft points out that no other literary criminologist has been paid tribute of having his fictional methods put into use by the real police.

These ‘Freeman 'inverted' tales were a monumental contribution to the development of the detective story, and from them have stemmed some of the great modern masterpieces of crime writing.’ – Ellery Queen,
Queen’s Quorum. 
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The Nine Mile Walk: The Nicky Welt Stories - Harry Kemelman

1967 - G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York - First Edition
‘Strictly speaking, criminal investigation is not my job... but it is only natural to seize the opportunity of showing the professional where he might have slipped up.’

A series of eight charming and quirky short stories originally published in
‘Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine’, all revolving around Nicky Welt, Professor of English, a Sherlock Holmes-esque analyst with a knack for word puzzles and etymological anomalies. Able to solve a murder simply by overhearing the sentence ‘a nine mile walk is no joke, especially in the rain’, Kemelman provides puzzles and enigmas that will tease even the most seasoned mystery fans. 
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The Old Man In the Corner - Baroness Orczy

1909 - William Briggs, Toronto - First Canadian Edition (or first edition, Canadian issue, comprised of the sheets from the Greening and Co. publication of the same year with a new title-leaf)
The man in the corner pushed aside his glass, and leant across the table. ‘Mysteries!’ he commented. ‘There is no such thing as a mystery in connection with any crime, provided intelligence is brought to bear upon its investigation.’

A superb copy, illustrated with eight full page plates by H. M. Brock.

The nameless hero of this masterpiece has since been credited as the world’s first ‘armchair’ detective, solving crimes simply by reading newspaper articles whilst sipping tea in the corner of London’s A.B.C Teashop. His eccentricities include tying and unravelling complicated knots of string as he explains his deductions to his primary audience, Polly Burton, a young journalist who eagerly chronicles his adventures.

Throughout a series of twelve short stories and anecdotes, our protagonist does occasionally find purpose to leave his chair for the odd courtroom visit, and extremely polite interrogations, though, unusually for the genre, our hero disdains the police and seldom gives up the identities of the various perpetrators, often leaving them to wander the streets of London unassailed.
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Lady Molly of Scotland Yard – Inscribed to the Detection Club - Baroness Orczy

April 1928 - Cassell and Company, London - Second Impression of the popular edition
A unique and important association copy. A gift from Baroness Orczy to the ‘Detection Club’, whose founder members include Anthony Berkeley, Dorothy L. Sayers, Agatha Christie and Freeman Wills Crofts. Baroness Orczy was initiated into the club in 1930.

Inscribed ‘
The Detection Club, With the author’s compliments, Emmuska Orczy, Montecarlo 1932’, and with the club library’s pictorial bookplate to the front pastedown.

In a rare example of the dust jacket which is scarce in any of the early editions. Containing 12 short stories about Lady Molly Robertson-Kirk, one of the early female sleuths who fictionally joins the police force to head up the ‘Female Department of the Yard’, a decade before women were actually allowed to join.
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The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason - Melville Davisson Post

1896 - G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York - First Edition
A fine and thus rare copy of this ground breaking work of detective fiction which controversially laid out the legal loopholes on which a criminal could carry out his plans on the basis that he would be acquitted in court (the relevant statutes are cited). Obviously an unscrupulous and highly intelligent lawyer is required, that man being Randolph Mason, who features in this collection of seven stories.

Housed in custom clamshell case, with additional signed compliments slip from the author loosely laid in.

‘Post (1871-1930) studied law at West Virginia University in 1892, several years spent in the practice of criminal and corporation law in his native state gave him the background for these short stories. The book created something of a furore, moralists objecting that it gave too much advice to criminals. Post retorted that nothing but good could come of exposing the law’s defects. And in fact the second story ‘
The Corpus Delicti’ is credited with hastening a long need change in criminal procedure.’ - Howard Haycraft, ‘Murder for Pleasure’. 
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The Greek Coffin Mystery - Ellery Queen

1932 - Frederick A. Stokes, New York - First Edition
A fine copy in a very good and unclipped example of the scarce dust jacket without restoration or colour touch-up. Included is the original publisher’s pamphlet ‘How to Read The Queen Stories’.

The Greek Coffin Mystery is considered one of the earliest, most popular, confounding, brilliantly plotted classic whodunit mysteries of the Ellery Queen series, involving a dead and blind art dealer, a slain forger, a stolen priceless painting and the disappearance of a mysterious will from a New York townhouse full of suspects.’ 
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Price HK$ 15,000

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